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Monday, May 10, 2010


CONTACT: Dawn Mular
HFCN Global (Helping Friends LLC)
3867 West Market Street #102
Akron OH 44321
+1.330.703.1007 or +1866.256.1227

ACCOUNTING/FINANCE: Auditor, Accountant, Finance Services Manager.

EXPERIENCE Chartered Accountants Assurance and Business Advisory Services with diverse base of indusitries in Banking and Financial Services Sector, Non Profit Organizations, Risk Advisory Services, and SEC Acquisitions.

: Currently working as a Supervising Senior, I lead large teams through the planning, execution and conclusion stages of
statutory audits of Financial Services Sector and other varied special nature engagements. My responsibilities include
engagement management, client relationship management, co-ordination with professionals of various fields like legal,
actuarial and IT experts and decision-making for resolution of critical reportable matters. I am also responsible for ensuring
that the financial statements comply with all the applicable requirements of International Financial Reporting Standards
(IFRS), International Accounting Standards (IAS) issued by International Accounting Standard Board (IASB) and other
pronouncements issued by State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) and
the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP).
: My e xperience in the ABAS Group of the firm has enabled me to develop a comprehensive understanding of the competitive
and regulatory environments of diversified industries and the accounting and internal control systems implemented at
various organisations. The most significant corporate clients that have contributed to my professional growth include:
I have also worked as a RAS Senior, in the Risk Advisory Services section. My responsibilities include engagement
management, helping an organisation achieve their business goals, perform gap analysis, design policies and procedures. My
work experience on these assignments has enabled me to develop communication skills and effectively contribute to the


: Proficient in all components of Microsoft Office
: Go Audit I and II (BIG 4 ACCTG FIRM)
: BIG 4 ACCTG FIRM Audit methodology workshop (My Client )
: Completed 120-hour Presentation Skills and Training Course (PSTC) recommended by the Institute of Chartered
Accountants of Pakistan
: Completed 90-hour Course of Computer Practical Training (CCPT) recommended by the Institute of Chartered
Accountants of Pakistan

GLOBAL: Award Winning Chartered Accountant

Accounting Candidate with global experience- willing to travel or relocate, well experienced with big 4 audit methodology , process consulting, and chartered accountant experience. Responsibilities as a senior Supervisor of Assurance and Business Client Experience with a variety of industry sectors including Stock Exchange Listed Banking Institutions, Government Entities, Non Profit Organizations, and Global Corporation Acquisitions.

Advisory services include Engagement and client relationship management from planning through execution and conclusion of statuatory audits with required compliance in IFRS, IAS, IASB, State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan SECP, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and ICAP.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Experienced Director for Web Portal Marketing (CA, OR).

Desired Areas:

CA- Chico, Paradise, Sacramento, Shasta, Redding.
OR- Portland, Vancouver, Beaverton.

Selling Points: Marketing Advertising Director with IT and eCommerce Marketing experience with references that highlight her commitment to quality. She possesses positive energy, experience and vision to enrich any role she undertakes. She has the energy and expereince to create a shared vision, is dedicated, and makes things happen.
Web Portal Development ~ Program Management ~ Opportunistic Vision

Innovative, results-oriented web development executive with exceptional skills in formulating a dynamic vision and then leading all aspects of its development across the entire organizational spectrum. Proven track record of team leadership with specialized expertise in work breakdown structures, process mapping, team dynamics, scheduling and budget, and status reporting. Swiftly comprehends the "big picture" and executes the organizational mission. Superior communicator easily interacts with executives, regulatory agencies, clients, vendors and staff.

: Customer Management : Superb Presentation Skills : Public Relations
: Web Profiling : Team Building : Content Management
: Direct Marketing : Data Mining : Online/Offline Tracking


CURRENT: Sarbanes Oxley SOX Compliance / HR and IT 404 Start Implementation of security and reliability as well as a governance model. Proactively engage in changes in business processes, organizational roles and responsibilities, and staffing levels. Developed and achieved success in delivery of PMO Standards, templates and guidelines

Identified and led the implementation of the next-generation technology strategy for the organization with a focus on services, applications and businesses.


Created and supervised the implementation of the SMI Marketing Portal (Java Enterprise portal, web and application servers with a marketing/sales audience of 15K) while maintaining uninterrupted support to 40 groups utilizing the portal.
Spearheaded the leveraging of hardware and software with internal groups to deliver the Marketing Portal with a minimal budget, directly resulting in annual cost savings of $5M.

Senior Project Manager
SOX Compliance - IT/404 and Human Resources
Identify all areas of improvements and required adjustments in business process

Automate hiring and termination business process (Currently a manual process)
Identified the mandatory issues and criteria for input into this new secure solution
A set of narratives for crucial business processes (Quote-to-Collect, Procure-to-Pay, Period-End Processing, External Reporting)
Santa Clara, California 1/2007 - 9/2007
Senior Project Manager - Contract

Managed the Enterprise Solution for Registration and Profiling.
Closely collaborated with business groups to ensure customer satisfaction, including post sale/system implementation follow-on visits to guarantee 100% satisfaction.
Compiled over 35 DB's and registrations into one system and redefined how additional data flows into this system.
Identified the mandatory issues and criteria for input into this new database.
Budget forecast/work estimates, monthly, quarterly and annual budget responsibilities.
Managed offshore and onshore teams (up to 10 direct reports).

Senior Manager (12/2000 - 1/2006)
Created the vision, strategy and roadmap for the Marketing Portal for one-space delivery of consistent, up-to-date and compelling marketing content.
Managed 30 teams and six large business units within the organization to deliver the Marketing Portal vision and roadmap.
Successfully lobbied executives and colleagues for development of the Marketing Portal; this resulted in a top-down mandate that all teams utilize this portal and its services.
Defined and managed implementation of next-generation technology strategies for businesses, services and other applications.
Managed the team that developed the Executive Advisory Counsel Website; this enables strategic partners worldwide to access the latest information on customers' business needs and ensure that they are being met in a timely manner.
Devised and managed all aspects of the implementation of the first Online Repository (Java Calendar) for 20K worldwide members; this delivers messaging, events and customer visits for the first time in the organization's history, giving the Marketing/Sales force a single focal point for the latest policy/direction, all GEO activity and the Corporate Calendar.
Leader of the Global Content Management process for Marketing, resulting in a "Write once publish everywhere" content distribution, allowing a single team to deliver content to multiple sites from a single authoring tool.
Created and managed the distribution of intellectual Logo properties; this protects assets within the organization's Java-based system while savings of millions of dollars and giving the legal team the tools it needs to pursue infringement worldwide.
Developed and deployed technology solutions to ensure that the online content and underlying infrastructure met or exceeded product standards.

Contact: Dawn Mular dawn.mular@helpingfriendscareernetwork.com

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Global Business Development Leader

Senior Business Development Manager " ..values diverse perspectives and is committed to working across business boundaries with a focused sense of urgency that results in sustainable performance, passion, and actions required to develop business solutions that create operational agility. "

Flexible to relocation, travel, and/or telecommuting for the right opportunity.

Senior project/program business development manager with Prince 2 and ITIL Foundation certifications. Passion and experience for creating positive solutions that positively impact world-wide Business, Education Consultants. Technical and Professional Services Manager with broad-based experience and knowledge. Proven ability leading teams to successfully design, develop and deploy products and services to the high tech marketplace. Breadth of industry experience in Professional, Technical Services, Engineering and Information Technology.

Expert at developing and delivering against challenging time lines, while managing his executive constituency. Articulate of the governance requirements with excellent teamwork, attention to detail and innovation.

CN000095 Contact: Dawn Mular dawn.mular@helpingfriendscareernetwork.com

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Chemical Engineer.

CHEMICAL ENGINEER: Energetic U.S. Citizen, bilingual with fluent English and Russian. Willing to relocate within the United States.

Chemical Engineer with experience in chemical engineering, voluntary community service and education/ communication skills. Recognized by The University of Akron as an Outstanding Teaching Assistant.

Professional Experience
Post Doctorate Fellow, Department of Chemistry
Graduate Research/Teaching Assistant, Department of Chemistry

Organic syntheses of imidazole ligands and air sensitive inorganic silicon complexes
Investigation of hydrolysis of variety of the silicon complexes and their characterization
Utilized equipment and techniques: Gemini/Varian, Inova NMR, FTIR, high vacuum lines, glove box; anaerobic synthesis, Schlenck lines techniques
Trained other students in research techniques
Principles of Chemistry (3150-152), General Organic and Biochemistry (3150-111, 3150-112), Qualitative Analysis (3150-154) laboratory courses
Supervision of a chemical stock room, preparation of equipment and solutions for the laboratory experiments for the courses listed above

Pharmaceutical Sales Manager
Engineering, development and implementation of new lines of natural products including cosmetics, treatments, and dietary supplementation for a start-up company
Organization and management of sales representatives' team
Sales representative of new product lines, which included public presentations
Development of new business to business contacts and relationships via cold calling

Insurance Sales Representative Sales representative of following products: auto, life, accident, properties, business properties and liabilities policies
Development of communication skills with the general public

Chemist-Engineer, Agricultural Laboratory Analyses of soil samples, fertilizers, and agricultural products Preparation of soil nutritional reports including nutrient content information and deficiencies and recommendations for improvement

Analytical Chemist/Laboratory Manager, Agricultural Laboratory Analyses of the soil contents, plants, fertilizers and determination chemical content (P, K, N, Mg, Ca, organic matter, pH) using wet chemistry techniques Preparation of the recommendations for nutritional improvement of the soil and characterization of fertilizer conditions
Quality control of the analyses performed by laboratory technicians
Training employees on new techniques and equipment for soil analysis

IOTA SIGMA PI, National Honor Society for Women in Chemistry
American Chemical Society
AAUW, American Association Women in Universities

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Chief Architect/Senior Staff Engineer

Excellent experience in Security, Architecture and Senior Staff Engineering is available now. Confidential candidate with top experience, looking for the right opportunity and challenge.

If interested contact the Helping Friends Career Network:

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Senior Business Development, IT or Professional Service Programs

Senior Business Development, Information Technology, Professional Services Manager

COMING AVAILABLE WITHIN THE NEXT 60 DAYS: Can Interview Now. Prefers CA, CO. Flexible location, travel, or telecommuting for the right opportunity.

CN000095 Contact: Dawn Mular dawn.mular@helpingfriendscareernetwork.com

Senior Business Development, IT, or Professional Services with Prince2 Certified Manager who can work in teams or independently, manage people, services, and resources. Traditional office, Travel, or , telecommute has proven effective and flexible in driving service resolution.

Breadth of industry experience in Technical Services, Engineering and Information Technology.
Excellent experience in identifying opportunities for improving Development Process, ITIL Best Practices, Capability Maturity Modeling, and Architectural Process Improvement Programs.

Expert at developing and delivering against challenging time lines, while managing his executive constituency. Articulate of the governance requirements with excellent teamwork, attention to detail and innovation.